Professional Knowledge 

This factor looks at the required knowledge, gained through study, courses, experience and mentoring, that the position holder needs in order to be equipped to manage his / her job effectively. It also takes into account specialized skills, and highly developed attributes that will add substantially to the ability to achieve end results.

 Leadership / Influence

This refers to the use of knowledge in leading in business situations. Essentially it asks the question, is the sum total of knowledge used to follow a clearly defined path, to follow and possibly manage procedurally driven work, to manage at business plan level, or to manage at strategic plan level.

Interaction Skills

 This refers to the need to influence others through the use of knowledge and abilities in order to achieve end results, and takes into account the difference in ability to influence using clearly understandable facts, versus the need to get others to accept interpretation, possibly in the light of competing interests and entrenched beliefs.


Thinking Impact

 This factor considers the judgments and recommendations the position holder has to make in the course of his / her work, and the level of the business upon which such judgments or recommendations will impact.

Process Complexity

 This factor considers the complexity in which the position has to operate. To an extent this is similar to a levels of work concept, but also takes into account diversification factors.


Decision Making

 What decisions is the individual expected to make in order for the role to be effective in achieving its goals, and at what level in the company will these impact. At the higher end, this factor considers the difference in divisional, company or group type strategic decision-making.

Strategic Impact

This factor looks at the extent to which decisions described above will impact the company as a whole. The Calibr8 system does not base each impact on a currency value, but rather sizes the company as a first step to evaluation. All position impacts are then considered in relation to the extent that they affect the company as a whole, right down to convenience type of impacts provided by indirect support staff.

Impact Type

 Simply, given the decision or recommendation level of the individual, is the impact of this decision direct, or indirect (or advisory / influential).